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Smokers Mecca Delivery Locations and Times

                            Contact: Frank Jempty for Inquiries

 Tues and Wed orders need to be in by 4PM the day of the order.        Phone: #845-264-5439

                                      IG: @Meccaonwheels

Sat orders need to be in by 1PM the day before          FB: MeccaOnWheels


Location     Tuesdays            Saturdays

 Fishkill Foam                    6PM-6:30PM            11AM-11:30A    M

 Dunkin Donuts Wappingers            6:45PM-7:15PM        11:45AM-12:15AM

 Barnes and Noble                7:30PM-8PM            12:30PM-1PM

 McDonalds across From Marist        8:15PM-8:45PM        1:15PM-1:45PM

 Culinary Institute                9PM-9:30PM            2PM-2:30PM

Location                    Wednesday

 McDonald’s in front of Arlington        6PM-6:30PM    

 Rite Aid in Red Oaks Mill            6:45PM-7:15PM

 A&P in Hopewell                7:30PM-8PM 

 Dunkin Donuts in Wappingers        8:15PM-8:45PM 

 Fishkill Foam                    9PM-9:30PM  


Juice Prices With Tax

30mL - $16.21            60mL- $21.61            100mL-$27.00

  120mL - $27.00- $43.24