ZiiP Pods for Juul

Ziip Labs

  • $11.99

ZiiP Pods for Juul: perfect fit, great taste.  4 pod pack.  Each pod is 1 mL of eJuice containing 40 mg of nicotine. 5 flavors available.  Each pod is approximately equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes or 200 puffs.

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Instructions:  Remove colored cap & insert cartridge end into JUUL device. Voila - it becomes your mouthpiece as well as the flavorful engine that powers JUUL.

Ripe Mango with hints of tropical fruit.

Crisp peppermint with a soothing aftertaste.

Rich, unmistakable American tobacco.

Strawberry Milk
Smooth strawberries and cream.

Dark, frothy coffee with a touch of foam.